Radio Panel

Now this one’s a real beauty and a thing of pride for me. It may not seem like much, but the whole thing was a ground-up ‘me’ effort. From the removal of the original radio, to the tracing out and digitizing the curves, to measuring out and reverse engineering the Pontiac engine turned pattern, to creating the CNC machine to run the program to make that pattern, to installing the new panel back in the vehicle. It’s quite unique, and definitely a story piece.


So there she is, just that little piece in the middle of the picture above with five switches, two buttons, and an aux jack. If I did my job right, you didn’t even notice it in the featured image on the homepage! The manufacturing process went a little like this:

The program ran for about 34 minutes (enough time for me to go and pick up my sister from sports practice) and at the end I had a fantastically finished blank of aluminum.


The next step was cutting it out, which I had a few problems with the material and my CNC machine, but it was accomplished nevertheless. Afterwards, everything was put in its proper placed and installed back in the ’76. Now, what’s going to be really interesting is when I’ve got it all wired up! stay tuned!

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