Submersible Thruster

This project had a very rapid start. I had a flash desire to create a thruster for use underwater because I swim very slow when submerged. I used parts that I had lying around and the models that BlueROV supplies on their website to rapidly prototype the following:


The system consists of a brushless motor connected to an electronic speed controller which is switched by a PWM signal from an arduino. The PWM function is triggered by the arduino sensing a trigger on the front (covered by a latex seal, and then a protective duct-tape layer) being pressed. It was glorious when it was first tested out in the ocean. Take a look below.

At 14.8V the little beast was able to pull quite well underwater. Unfortunately, (and that seems to be my favorite word in my projects..) the trigger seal failed and caused it to read as always on. I was able to retreat to shore and secure the thruster before the battery compartment received any leakage.

I plan on continuing this project with the upgrades being an OEM sealed momentary switch and a 22.2V battery.

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