Electric Skateboard I

My introductory board into the well-documented world of electric skateboarding isn’t amazing. There are far better boards out there. But, this one is mine, and I think it’s fantastic. I don’t really learn from online blogs and other people bickering. I like to go out and learn myself, and learn I did with this project.

The whole thing is an eBay especiale. I wanted to be frugal with my first stab, and the total came out at about $200 all told.

Lessons learned:

  • DO NOT use set screws to mount your motor bracket onto the truck. They will back out, AND they will not hold. I was left with a scraping motor on the ground one time. Not good.
  • DO mount your pulleys for your timing belt as close to center as possible. Eccentricity in the wheel causes excess forces to appear on your bracket and make it loosen quicker!!! see above.
  • DO have a controller capable of 22.2v or above. Below that is just no fun.
  • DO NOT listen to what I say. Get out there and have some fun, learn it yourself, make some stories!

My real pride and joy was the mounting platform I made for all the electronics. It fits the batteries, ESC, switch, arduino, and mounting hardware perfectly– almost like it was purposely designed that way.

Below is a video of me riding it around. The paths behind Navy Housing are a hoot! The next upgrade is going to be a combined spedometer/odometer on the front of the board. Look for part II in the near future.

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