Submersible Thruster V.II

Aha! What a fantastic follow-up to the original. I took the concept and improved on it drastically. I upped the voltage that was supplied to the motor, increasing speed and velocity underwater. I reduced complexity of the switch, which had failed in the first model. I shrunk the overall size and thus buoyancy of the thruster.

It started of course with the stripping away of the old electronics. Due to my method of manufacturing, epoxy, I had no choice but to destroy the PVC enclosure to get to the parts I wanted. I kept the same motor controller, arduino, voltage regulator, and motor that I had in the original. I separated the parts and prepared for them to come together.

Next came the fabrication of the new PVC outside. I kept the same concept, but optimized the size. The battery fits with just enough room for the leads to curl inwards. I also kept the screw cap, and printed a custom spanner wrench for the clout.

The pieces came together, and I was left with an excellent product! The most difficult part by far was sealing the new trigger. I had to find something flexible and durable that would stick to PVC. After a trip to the hardware store, inspiration hit. PVC is poly-vinyl something or other, and people use vinyl patches on their floaties at the beach or pool for repair. It’s perfect! The adhesive that came with the kit did exactly what I expected it to– softened the material and then adhered spectacularly. Here is my hand holding the finished thruster, ready for its maiden voyage.


And here is a video of the first test. I wasn’t able to stay underwater for long because I ran out of breath. That’s something I can work on. The speed and overall function of the piece was great. Another satisfying project complete! I look forward to next year to use it when the water is warm again.

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