Electric Longboard II

After a long fight with my drive to create a cheap drive system for my electric longboard I finally settled on getting a VESC. Specifically, one from enertion boards as they liquidated their old inventory. I have to say the difference in performance is staggering.

From a safety standpoint the new motor controller wins by many margins. I was using a simple model plane or helicopter controller before. The largest problem of which was having no variable braking feature. There was a ramp-down, and auto-brake feature, but both of those proved to be insufficient for the changing needs on the road.

From a power standpoint I find the new controller really lacking. When I punched the throttle with the previous controller it was all I could do to keep myself upright on the board. Now it’s a slow meander to full speed, the velocity of which is much reduced. With 12S and the previous controller I dared not attempt running at full speed. It may just be my settings in the BLDC program, but I think there’s something else at play here.

Below are some pictures including the initial computer model, machining, and then final part.

I also published a video of the manufacturing process here:

The board uses a 3d-printed PLA pulley on the drive wheel. It has been through a few miles with no signs of heat damage or wear. I was surprised that it had done so well in its position as a prototype piece. It calls for an upgrade someday to ABS to ASA for its final iteration in the V.II state.

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