GRBL CNC Ballscrew Upgrade

One winter day I found a surprise on my doorstep…DSC_0852

Well, it wasn’t so much a surprise as it was a special order, but it arrived much faster China-direct than I had expected! The initial fit up looked good:

The ballscrew for the axis pictured above needed some grinding, but it was accomplished easily. Next came mounts and pulleys. I turned to the 3d printer as my ever helpful labor-and-cost reduction tool. I mocked up the axes, then printed brackets, pulleys, and blocks for everything to attach to.

Soon I realized though that my initial pulley size (silver PLA in the pictures above) were never going to fit with a belt, so I started again with a new pulley size. The ratio was still 2:1, but with fewer+ teeth on each pulley. The next process can be observed in an instant, but for me to produce it took weeks. I reassembled the machine including all the new goodies, most of all the ballscrews. Note the plastic blocks that mount the screws to the table. These points are the weakest part of the structure and should not be duplicated! I keep telling myself that they are only temporary.

Eventually I put together the limit switches for it, and now I have a homing cycle too! I hope to upload some more videos of the milling machine machining things, but for now enjoy the first pieces to come off the ballscrew upgrade:

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