Let’s make something!

Life’s too short to just consume…


Hey! I’m Joe, I do cool stuff sometimes. Welcome to my little piece of the internet.

As a kid I wanted to use equipment like milling machines, laser cutters, welders, and even just simple power tools, to make all sorts of crazy inventions and toys. All these kinds of equipment have been around for decades, but many are still prohibitively expensive for the layman to pick up and learn. For a hobbyist, putting the money and time down for expensive equipment is simply untenable.


My motivation is building cool stuff that I think of, and bringing these things to the public, so that other people can build their own cool things. Fundamentally, I believe in distributed manufacturing, and the ability for people with ideas to be matched with the equipment to make those ideas come to reality. The more open our ideas and communications are, and the more access to manufacturing technology, the less we’ll consume and waste, because we’ll see the value in the process rather than the final widget.


I make projects and work a bunch. I stress myself out over make-believe deadlines. I try to motivate myself to be a better person. Though, I fail my standards, leading me to fall even lower in despair. If that kind of thing interests you or you can relate, check out my projects. Also check out my blog and the books I’m reading and subscribe to my youtube channel and follow my instagram. 

K thanks bye.