Austin Healey Sprite EV Conversion

Making an electric vehicle has been an interest of mine since 2019 when I realized first that it was possible to make an EV by oneself, and that there was a huge community which had been doing it for years! I had dreams of making an ultra-quick muscle car to compete in the Lemons race to try and win the 1 million nickels they tout as prize for the first EV to win Lemons. But dreams like that need a reality check. Weight and efficiency go hand in hand. Increases in weight mean decreases in range and huge increases in power requirements. It wasn’t until 2020 that my attention shifted towards something smaller, the Austin Healey Sprite. It looked to be the perfect candidate for a conversion. It was small, light, low to the ground, and had ample room for electronics to be placed. Not only that, but a Sprite is basically a road legal go-kart, and I love go-karting!

I went and checked a candidate in early 2021 and decided I would purchase it on the spot (though it wasn’t until weeks later that I would actually pick it up). The sprite was in working condition, though a little rough around the edges, so that I could enjoy it for the summer of 2021. With a bit of electrical work, the sprite was ready and rolling!

Check out my progress in the posts below!

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