AC-35 Installed!

It’s been a rough couple weeks, but in that time I’ve completed a major milestone: landing the AC-35 electric motor!

I spent some time mocking up the internals of the engine bay as well, just to verify that everything I was going to order would fit. Looks good! Definitely going to be crowded, but it’ll make sense once everything is in and wired together. 

As for landing the motor though, it was an effort that went quite smoothly due to all the pre-planning, dimensioning, and designing that went into the process. Firstly, pictured below are some pieces from Xometry (again, shoutout, thanks guys!) that I ordered. In the rear attached to the transmission-motor mounting plate, there are a few spacers. These were necessary to stand off the shaft of the motor enough so that the transmission shaft would not contact it. Additionally, the front piece I had bent up at an angle so that it would sit right in between the existing mounting hardware that the Austin Healey already had!

When the day came, I dollied the AC-35 electric motor down from the attic where I had foolishly stored it. I had originally carried it up to the 3rd floor in my hands, but I believe this caused back damage which I have not yet healed from, so I decided to avoid exasperating that situation and used a dolly to *gently* drop it down two flights of stairs.

Upon arrival in the garage I verified that I had enough space for the engine lift to bring the motor to the point where it would rest, and was reassured by an affirmative. I then set about attaching the spacers and transmission mount to the motor, and finally attached the coupler with the spline facing outwards, so that it would slide onto the transmission shaft.

Next, I rigged up the motor so that I could lift and land it!

It went smoothly into place, where I attached some bolts to the transmission and the motor mounting plate, and then to the plate at the back (front?) of the motor, which would connect the whole assembly of transmission/motor to the motor mounts. Afterwards, the lift was removed, the car brought down, and rolled back and forth to verify that there was no scraping, grinding, scratching, or other awkward noises.

The next step will be (again) getting back to work on the electronics, as well as ordering the pieces that will surround and eventually cover the motor. Though, I consider it a shame, as the motor looks quite professional sitting there!

Great Success!

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