Thinking in Fractals: Balance after Smashing the Dichotomy

An essay in response to Robert Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Pirsig’s metaphysical motorcycle is whizzing across the universe at just about the same speed as one’s ‘train of thought’ –roughly one second per second. While his story spares no detail in the assembly and maintenance of the subcomponents of his ownContinue reading “Thinking in Fractals: Balance after Smashing the Dichotomy”

Waves and a Boat: Observing Life’s Problems

“A singular disadvantage of the sea lies in the fact that after surmounting one wave you discover that there is another behind it just as important and just as nervously anxious to do something effective in the way of swamping boats” (Crane 585). The sea is a cliche symbol representing the vast chaos of life;Continue reading “Waves and a Boat: Observing Life’s Problems”